WFL to hold Technology Meeting in March

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The WFL Millturn Technologies headquarters in Linz will open its doors from 5-7 March for visitors and exhibitioners and showcase many machine and technology highlights.

On three days, visitors can find out more about the industry’s current trends and developments on an exhibition area of more than 4,000 square metres and will get first-hand WFL experience getting to know the leading manufacturer in the field of complete machining.


Amongst other things, the focus of the technology meeting will be on the presentation of automation solutions of its partner and subsidiary FRAI. It will show the innovative articulated robot in a robot cell, as one of the most flexible variants of automation of production machines and processes.

Regardless of limited access to the machine, complex movement sequences, short cycle times or other additional tasks (deburring, cleaning, orientation, turning, etc.), the articulated robot will always find its way.

Another attraction will be the live demonstration of a mobile robot built on an AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle). The robot will pick up chuck parts and tools from the warehouse and place them on the AGV.

M20 up to M150 MILLTURN

Visitors can experience the full range of machining in live demonstrations on machines of all sizes - from the M20 to the M150 MILLTURN. A special highlight will be WFL’s latest family member: the M20 MILLTURN.

With two additional centre distances of two and three meters, it will also be available for longer shaft parts in the future. The optional individual tool carrier with B-axis for turning on the lower system is unique.

This means that the machine has two B axes and machining can be carried out in all required angular positions on both spindles at the same time.

Flanx – WFL gearing solutions

In addition to the intelligent machining solutions of the M80X MILLTURN with 4500mm machining length and the M50 MILLTURN with 3000mm machining length, visitors can convince themselves of the WFL Flanx gearing solutions.

They can experience the software cycles Flanx-Hob, Flanx-Spline, Flanx-Large Module, Flanx-Invo, Flanx-Gear Skiving and Flanx Measure during live machining operations. Flanx-Measure is a cycle package for scanning and measuring all relevant parameters, such as tooth shapes, tooth thickness, pitch or concentricity.

With this software essentially all features that need to be measured on a special gear measuring machine, can now be measured directly on the WFL MILLTURN. The results are visualised on the control panel and recorded in a measurement report. By implementing a wide range of measurement methods, WFL can ensure and improve component quality.

myWFL – operational data acquisition

The user retrieves optimal information about machine productivity from the operational data acquisition system myWFL Cockpit. Machine and program states over time, productivity and technical availability are visualised on the machine control, on a PC or on a mobile device using a browser. The software not only has a user-friendly visualisation, but also improves machine utilisation.

All data in the production environment is collected and analysed to achieve higher productivity. With myWFL you never lose track of the big picture, and you can exploit the optimisation potential for the smart factory.

With the latest tool called myWFL Health Check, the machine geometry is checked by semi-automatic measurement of the B-axis and tailstock as well as the main and counter spindle.

The software also includes cycles and test equipment for measuring and logging the geometry. Long-term trends can be identified thanks to the integrated measurement data logging.

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