WFL taking it to the next level at EMO

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WFL Millturn Technologies will present two turning-boring-milling machines at EMO (Hall 13, Stand B51) - the M50 MILLTURN / 3000mm and the M80X MILLTURN / 4500mm.

Visitors can experience the M80X live with a demonstration of the machining of a gear shaft, including measurement of the gear teeth. Both machines feature a new design and are equipped with Sinumerik ONE.

A mobile robot installed on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) is set to be another highlight of the event. It will demonstrate how to load and remove tools and workpieces.

The M80X MILLTURN with 4500mm machining length and 1000mm turning diameter is equipped with a grinding attachment and a vibration-damped Silent ToolsTM Plus boring bar. Visitors can see what the machine can do for themselves with a live demonstration of the machining of a gear shaft measuring 800mm in diameter and 1824mm in length.

During the demonstration, gear teeth will be produced using WFL FLANX cycles. On the M50 MILLTURN / 3000mm, WFL will provide a live demonstration of the machining of a power generation shaft, as well as turbine blades and fir tree, impeller and generator shaft profiles. The demonstration workpiece has a diameter of 600mm and a length of 2355mm.

WFL turning-boring-milling machines now feature Sinumerik ONE from Siemens with its new user interface. The new machine control system is impressively modern and user-friendly. Meanwhile, the integrated SIMATIC S7-1500F PLC enables PLC cycle times that are up to 10 times faster than its predecessor.

Boasting a selection of innovative technology functions, Sinumerik ONE optimises the machining speed, contour accuracy and machining quality. Sinumerik ONE makes machine tools more productive and therefore faster, more flexible and more efficient.

Mobile robot automation

The demonstration of a mobile robot installed on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) is set to be one of the highlights at the WFL stand. It will show how it picks up chuck parts and tools from the warehouse and deposits them on the AGV. The mobile robot will then travel to the machine and, using a camera, scan the QR code to determine its exact position.

The workpiece and tool are loaded and then removed again. For tools, there is an HSK-63 gripper and a Baruffaldi tool turret with EPPINGER QUICKLOCK tool holder system for automatic tool changes on the tool turret.

Mobile robots do not need cables or human input. Another key advantage of these robots is that they avoid obstacles, meaning that they can also be used in halls where the set-up is constantly changing and where machines and people are moving around.

Sensors help to ensure that mobile robots move safely and efficiently between locations and interact safely and efficiently with people, forklifts and other material handling equipment.

Using intelligent software in combination with the relevant automation solutions not only enables workpieces to be loaded and unloaded but also means that machining centres can be supplied fully automatically with tools and clamping devices.

As an innovative automation partner to WFL, FRAI is presenting its mobile robot system, which responds to this trend, at the event. This concept has scope for various expansion stages, making it as future-proof as possible. See what these robots can do for yourself at EMO in Hanover.

Improved performance with smart tools

The integration of smart sensors enables detailed tool information and machining states to be called up on the machine control system, a tablet or a PC. Various sensors installed in the Silent Tools Plus boring bar provide data on load, temperature, deflection and more. Signals are transmitted via Bluetooth so that the machine can respond interactively to a defined trigger event.

The process can be visualised and documented, making it fully transparent. The use of an inductive coupling to power the sensors instead of an accumulator is a completely new feature. The vibration-damped boring bar will be showcased on the M80X MILLTURN / 4500mm.

In combination with the "iControl" process monitoring system, the operator enjoys the ultimate level of protection for the machine, workpiece and tool to ensure reliable and economical production, especially in prototype production or for small batch sizes.

On the one hand, the machine and tools should be used with maximum productivity; on the other hand, the process should run as stably and reliably as possible. The up to 16 process signals to be monitored are configured by WFL at the factory according to the machine equipment and displayed live on the controller's display.

Important process signals are the forces or torques of the NC axes and spindles, but also the signals sent by the sensors integrated in the Silent ToolsT Plus boring bar.

Measurements on the MILLTURN

By implementing a wide range of measurement methods, WFL is able to both ensure and improve the quality of components. The automation of all measurement processes is an essential step towards autonomous and low-personnel production.

Thanks to the ability to scan profiles and then evaluate the results, WFL has developed cycles specifically for gearing technology which can be used to measure elements such as the tooth flank profile or the flank line. The measurements are then analysed. The analyses and logs meet the general industry standard for gearing technology. This means that gearing can be checked and logged in accordance with the industry standard after machining.

Ultrasonic measurement will also be demonstrated live to EMO visitors. The automatically exchangeable ultrasound measuring probe enables a fully automatic measuring process. The large measurement range and automatic, error-proof measuring process are the main advantages. Ultrasonic measurement is ideal for determining and compensating for the tool drift of very deep centre holes.

Operational data acquisition with myWFL

Another highlight at EMO will be the myWFL Cockpit operational data acquisition system. Machine and program states over time, productivity and technical availability will all be displayed, either on the machine control system, PC or mobile device via a web browser. This means that the user can always be well-informed about their machine productivity.

The new myWFL Energy energy usage measurement device integrated into the myWFL Cockpit displays the current power data as well as the energy and compressed air consumption of each workpiece.

The Condition Monitoring cycle integrated into myWFL continuously records the status of the axes and spindles during a measuring run and saves them to the machine control system. Possible changes can easily be detected and displayed via the Condition Monitoring Viewer.

myWFL Health Check performs semi-automated measurements of the B-axis, tailstock and main and counter spindles to check the machine geometry. The software includes cycles and testing instruments to measure and log the geometry. Thanks to the integrated recording of measurement data, it is possible to identify long-term trends. myWFL Health Check can be used on all machines and machine control systems.

New design

The new design of WFL's MILLTURN machines will be showcased at EMO for the very first time. The colour scheme and design have been adapted to create a uniform look and will be used for all WFL machines going forwards. What has changed? The most striking feature is the lettering and the new standard colour. These two stylistic elements clearly set the new design apart from the old one.

The doors now feature a high-quality, liquid-resistant film. In the standard model, the distant blue WFL logo sits on a light grey background. The simple chisel pattern is also subtly included in the background of the sticker. All in all, the striking overall look of the new design rounds off the classic machine perfectly.

The new standard paint is also part of the brand-new look for all WFL machine ranges. The dusty grey used on peripheral components until recently has been replaced with a modern, anthracite grey. This grey is now used on all basic components and frames the rest of the machine.

The UK partner and supplier of WFL Millturn Technologies is Kyal Machine Tools.