With a measuring speed of up to 40,000 points per second and weighing less than 400 g, the latest Kreon Solano scanner can measure practically any type of surface without spraying or preparation, including previously difficult to scan surfaces, like sheet metal and carbon fibre. The high quality scan data eliminates the noise associated with other scanners, giving reliable surface data quickly for even the most inexperienced users. With two arm sizes available as standard, the high accuracy systems cover 2.6 m or 3.2 m measuring range. Every system can be supplied with a choice of class-leading 3D inspection or reverse engineering software solutions, providing a fully integrated solution from a single supplier. Microlog XG and Metrolog XG are said to be the world's leading 3D inspection packages, providing advanced CAD based inspection with high speed point cloud analysis. The software is used by all the leading aerospace and automotive manufacturers, and can also be installed on any make or model of manual or CNC CMM, portable arm or laser tracker. For reverse engineering applications, Geomagic Studio provides one of the easiest to use interfaces for rapid creation of usable 3D CAD data from point cloud scan data. Each system is supported by a comprehensive training and support package from Measurement Solutions, who have many years experience of scanning and 3D inspection applications.