MetraSCAN – the Portable CMM and Laser Scanner

The very latest system to be unveiled is the new MetraSCAN, which closes the gap that has, until now, existed between 3D measurement and 3D laser scanning. Manufactured by Canada's Creaform, one of the World's foremost developers of laser scanning solutions, the system offers users the only affordable solution that fully combines a portable CMM with a hand-held laser scanner.

The system has the ability to measure all sizes of objects, from bench-top to upwards of 8m in length, with patented TRUaccuracy technology built into the system to ensure full system accuracy is achieved in any conditions, unlike conventional equipment that require stable environments and experienced users. A high accuracy dynamic referencing system also means the measured part can move during measurement, making the system ideal for applications such as press-shops, and the system provides the ability to quickly and easily extend the measuring volume without the need for complicated and time-consuming leap-frog manoeuvres, to make certain accuracy is maintained throughout the full measuring volume. Measurement can be taken using the hand-held HandyPROBE probing device, which acts like a conventional measuring arm. However, being completely arm-free and wireless, the user can measure the part without any of the limitations normally associated with an arm. Interchangeable probe tips can be exchanged in seconds without the need to recalibrate, and these can include straight, extended length or angled probes, enabling the complete part to be measured with no restrictions. Alternatively, the hand-held MetraSCAN 3D laser scanner can be used to quickly scan the surface and collect high resolution scan data for free-form analysis. The scanner works on most surfaces, including the laser scanner's arch enemies, shiny and black surfaces ! This combination of portable CMM probing and laser scanning provide the user with an unbeatable 3D measuring solution that has no bounds. The system is fully integrated into leading metrology packages such as Metrolog XG CMM software, providing the user the freedom to select the best combination of measuring hardware and software to suit specific needs.