The customer calls Unimerco when the tools are ready for collection; Unimerco provide boxes to store tools awaiting RE•NEW. When the tools have been through the RE•NEW process, Unimerco will measure them (if required) and ship them back to the customer, along with a measuring protocol. Tools normally undergo the standard RE•NEW process, which also entails exchange of PCD inserts/blanks, surface coating etc., when required. Any special requirements for one-off jobs or fixed special agreements for certain tool types will be managed through a computer system to ensure that orders are always processed correctly. Unimerco can RE•NEW to the original geometries or our other norms, applying coatings and treatments that are unique to Unimerco and proven to extend tool life. Normally, customers will receive tools back from RE•NEW within 1-3 weeks (PCD), or 1-2 weeks (carbide), after Unimerco receives them. Large quantities of tools, which need special repair, will be delivered upon agreement. The RE•NEW and recoating processes have been systemised. Advanced CNC machines, highly trained operators, norm management, databases and integrated routines will ensure that tools are maintained optimally – each time. When a customer receives their tools from Uimerco, their quality and performance properties will be the same – every time. This enables working at the same high machining parameters, and therefore customers will not experience any productivity reductions. RE•NEW significantly reduces tooling costs, by up to 70 per cent. For more information call 01543 267777 and ask for Colin.