The machine features an A2-8 spindle nose and comes equipped with a 12 in hydraulic 3-jaw chuck. It has a 117 mm spindle bore, with a bar capacity of 4" – an increase of 1" over the standard ST-30. The machine's 40 hp, 2,400 rpm vector drive spindle provides 1,400 ft-lb of cutting torque through a 2-speed gearbox. On-the-fly 'wye-delta' switching yields a wide power band, for constant surface speed cuts. The ST-30 Big Bore has a maximum cutting capacity of 533 by 660 mm, with maximum swings of 806 mm over the front apron and 527 mm over the cross slide. A 12-station, bolt-on style tool turret is standard, with options for a 12-station VDI turret or 12-station hybrid VDI/BOT turret. Standard equipment on the ST-30 Big Bore includes rigid tapping, a 15" colour LCD monitor and USB connectivity. Other available options include a belt-type chip conveyor, hydraulic tailstock, automatic tool probe, live tooling with C-axis, an automatic parts catcher, high pressure coolant systems, and more.