Having experienced a successful 2012 and with a substantial projected increase in orders for 2013, the company looked to increase the output of plate for fabrication from its fittings shop, choosing the Gemini HD36. The benefit of the ability of the Gemini to cut, drill, mill, tap, machine, bevel and scribe impressed Rowecord, as these different machining applications were traditionally undertaken by subcontractors or in-house secondary machining operations. The machine has improved the company's efficiency and reduced handling, transportation and labour costs. Fitted with the Hypertherm HP260 plasma bevelling option, this provides the required flexibility on bevelling and contour shaping of edges for weld preparation. Currently, the Gemini can produce parts up to 9 m in length for larger structures, but is also capable of high speed production of standard fittings for structural applications, such as base plates, rafter end plates and gussets. Rowecord will most likely look to increase the size of the machine's gantry bed to 15 m or more in the near future – the machine specification can accommodate plate lengths up to more than 24 m and up to 5 m in width. The fast delivery and installation of the Gemini allowed the company to boost production in a matter of weeks, rather than months. Andrew Hoppe, managing director of Rowecord, says of the installation: ""The FICEP Gemini was chosen for its ability to increase production of our existing type of work and for the flexibility and savings the machine can make on future new projects, with its capability to produce complex and profiled parts from plate with just one set-up."