The 3-axis (HSM 400 LP, XSM 400 LP), and the 5-axis CNC machining centres (HSM 400U LP, XSM 400U LP) are the latest in the LP range, which will be extended over the next few years, with larger capacity CNC machines, currently in development. LP machining centres have been completely re-designed with a rigid and stable bridge structure, and polymer concrete construction that reduces vibration and thermal drift. Independent (water) cooling systems on all LP machining centre axes also help to reduce thermal displacement and distortion. The general specification for the machining centres includes Heidenhain iTNC 530 control, and features GF AgieCharmilles' SMART Technology software. The 3-axis machining centres have travels of 500 mm, 450 mm and 360 mm, in the X, Y, and Z axes, respectively. While the 5-axis machining centres have respective travels of 500 mm, 235 mm and 360 mm. Feed rates for HSM LP machining centres are 60 m/min in X, Y and Z axes, and 100 m/min for XSM LP machining centres.The B and C axes speeds, for all machining centres configurations, are 165 rpm and 250 rpm respectively. Both HSM and XSM 3 and 5-axis machines are equipped with a choice of high-speed machining spindles. Spindle power and torque vary according to spindle selection, as examples, the 30,000 rpm spindle has 13.5 kW/8.8 Nm, while the 42,000/54,000 rpm spindle has 8.8 kW/3.5 Nm.