The Mach 4 Series waterjet feature Flow's newest Dynamic waterjet technology with Advanced Beveling and 3D capabilities. The Revolutionary Dynamic Waterjet XD provides for up to 60 degrees of motion that gives you the ultimate in accuracy, speed, and flexibility. With the highest pressure available in the waterjet industry, 6,400 bar from HyperPressure Pump Technology, the Mach 4 Series waterjet is equipped with HyperJet pumps which are rated for pressure up to 94,000 psi. Cut speeds can be increased 25 to 45 per cent while using 30 to 50 per cent less abrasive, which results in 20 to 30 per cent lower part cost. FlowXpert software features advanced technology to maximise productivity. Draw a part with the easy-to-use FlowXpert Design software, or simply import a part from virtually any standard CAD 2D or 3D format. Flow's exclusive SmartStream technology optimises cutting speeds based on user- input parameters, such as, desired edge finish, material thickness, and material type. Using unmatched experience as the inventors of abrasive waterjet, Flow have created the most extensive material library in the industry, featuring well over 100 lab-tested materials.