TalyMap Contour software offers the user fully-featured contour analysis in an easy-to-use package that is icon driven. TalyMap Contour provides the user with a clear, easy-to-learn user interface that has a large graphical display area. This is combined with extensive analysis and formatting capabilities, enabling the user to make high-quality reports with a minumum of effort. All of the common facilities of TalyMap Contour are accessed through toolbars that are dockable to either the veritical or horizontal edges of the window. This allows the user great flexibility in organising their working view, enabling them to maximise the graphical work area. Each toolbar contains facitilities that are logically grouped together, such as : • Editing • Dimensioning • Formatting Dimensions can be exported to a CSV file for further analysis if required. Each dimension is auotomatically labelled. By means of a simple user selection the labels can also be shown on the graphical output to assist in identification of features. Error profile. A key feature of the software is the ability to display an error profile in a separate frame within the graphical area. It is also possible to dispaly parameters such as Pt within this area giving instant fedback of the form errors. To faciltiate repeat analyses, TalyMap Contour has a simple learn-mode programming capability. Tolerances can be added to any dimension, and a simple, colour-coded pass/fail indication is provided both on the graphical display and in the dimesion table on the print-out. An interface to CAD is provided by means of DXF file reading capability. A DXF profile can be read in and used as a reference for data alignment. Page layout templates are provided to facilitate printing of the information. Areas are provided for user information, logos and comments. Extensive formatting facilities are provided, giving the user control over line weights, colours and data resolution.