The internal turning T-Holder, T-Clamp and the T-Cap multi-function cutting tools have been introduced. The new T-Holder system has a simple structure with very strong clamping that prevents vibration and insert movement to promote long tool life. The new system also provides good chip evacuation with its through coolant system. The T-Holder is suitable for use on all materials and provides a particular advantage on heavy machining applications and on materials that are traditionally known as difficult to cut. The T-Clamp range sees the addition of new modular adaptors, enabling the T-Clamp to accept a number of adaptors for grooving, turning, parting off and face machining applications. The new modular system increases flexibility, improves productivity and frees up additional tool positions. The inserts range from 3 mm to 8 mm and have the capability to machine up to 400 mm diameter. The T-Cap enables one single tool to conduct turning, drilling and boring operations. With two cutting edges for drilling and turning, the T-Cap increases productivity and tool life. For drilling operations the high helix cutting edge minimises cutting forces and improves the control and formation of chips at low speeds. The insert also minimises tool deviation and significantly improves surface finish resulting in visible productivity and quality improvements. The T-Cap toolholder complements this and consists of a cylindrical shank with one flat surface and another surface to enhance clamping capabilities and ensure maximum rigidity. The holder has a helix flute to enable chips to flow efficiently away from the work surface. The system incorporates a through coolant hole, which requires above 2 bar pressure regardless of drilling diameter. To complete the T-Cap tooling system, TaeguTec has developed clamping units that utilise a dovetail slider to enhance stability under cutting. The clamping unit has a micro adjustment scale in increments of 0.01 mm and a y-axis adjustment range of +0.2 mm to -0.4 mm to give the operator additional accuracy. The T-cap system is capable of machining low carbon steels up to a hardness of 150 BHN at speeds up to 270 m/min and high alloy steels up to 350 BHN at 120 m/min. * T-Type holder pictured