The 38.10-Mini radiowave touch probe from m&h creates new versatility for measuring on machines. The main new development is m&h’s new measuring mechanism with modular extension possibilities. By using screw-in extensions, available in lengths of 30 mm, 50 mm, 100 mm and 200 mm, the probe offers the opportunity to measure close to walls or deep inside workpieces. This allows the probe to stay outside the workpiece giving interference-free transmission. The new measuring mechanism enables the trigger force to be adjustable. As a result, by using a high trigger force it is possible to move and measure at high traverse speeds. Alternatively, using the low trigger force, it is possible to measure soft materials or thin sections without causing bending or indentations.The m&h 38.10-mini is made of stainless steel and is watertight to IP68 standard. The use of standard, easy to obtain batteries emphasises the probe is designed for the workshop. Radio technology using the tried and tested 433 MHz band, forms the basis for the new probe, which is intended for large machines, 5-axis machines with swivelling heads, and for machines with limited available space. While the machine is running, the 64 adjustable radio channels are permanently checked for possible interference. If interference is found, the user is recommended a free idle channel. Channels on the probe and receiver are adjusted by a simple push button with channels displayed by LED. expensive fixturing and gauging are no longer needed. With m&h, measuring on machine tools really has become state of the art!