Swiss company Rego-Fix high tech powRgrip tool clamping system is now available for tools with diameters from 6 up to 25.4 mm. With larger machining tools such as large roughing end mills, even better machining performances can now be achieved in processing aluminium alloy for the aviation and automotive industries. PowRgrip’s special functional contact surfaces between the tool and collet as well as between the collet and toolholder can damp vibrations much better than the very stiff shrink holders, for example. As there are absolutely no clamping mechanics, the full wall thickness can be used for absorption of radial forces. Even for larger cutting tools, increased clamping forces are possible. The overall system runout is < 3 micron (3 x D), and torques of more than 1,000 Nm can be transferred. In addition, the tool clamping system offers solutions that meet the most stringent demands in special aluminium alloy machining, such as those used in the aerospace industry.