Marktronic USB Markmate is a versatile, advanced machine for a comprehensive range of human readable marking requirements. Applications include programmable marking and component traceability, serial numbering, logo and security marking, decorative trophy marking, time and date marking, calibration systems and many more. The USB interface brings ‘plug-and-play’, printer-like functionality to this stand-alone marking machine. Compatible with any computer via USB port, there is no need for a separate controller. The Marktronic USB Markmate has a marking area of 100 mm by 75mm for multi-component marking, saving time. Variable force control ensures optimum mark depth for all engineering materials up to 62 Rc (800 Hv). The lead-screw driven marking head guarantees dot precision unmatched on other low-cost systems. This electrically-powered machine is far quieter and more efficient than its pneumatic predecessors. A wide range of hardware options are available to complement the Marktronic USB Markmate, including magnetic table, machine ‘T’ slot table and label fixture.