The CoolPulse 200 electrolytic deburring and polishing machine from Extrude Hone deburrs, polishes, stress relieves and cleans in a single finishing process. Typical fields of applications are medical components such as scissors, scalpels, stents or orthopedic implants and sophisticated parts for aerospace, semi-conductor, and the automobile industry. The workpiece is immersed in an electrolyte solution, as a low voltage is applied. The proprietary electrolyte used is a chilled, non-fuming, odourless, near-neutral solution, rendering it very safe for handling, and is considered environmentally friendly. The solution possesses high electrical resistance, enabling high selectivity and high discrimination for the removal of burrs and peaks on workpiece surfaces. CoolPulse processing is capable of removing rough surfaces — 2.5 to 5 mm Ra and producing ultra-smooth surfaces down to 0.1 mm Ra. It produces bright or mirror finishes on stainless steel and bright to matte finishes on aluminium. Average cycle times range from 15 sec to 3 minutes.