Intended for highly detailed, small feature and micro parts, MCP's SLM 100 combines the use of an IR fibre laser with a spot size down to 25 microns and a build envelope of just 100 mm diameter by 125mm in z. "Many applications are being developed in partnership with MCP under non-disclosure agreements and so cannot be fully described here," says business development manager Bob Bennett, "but we are already talking to customers looking to manufacture micro-electronic parts in shape memory alloys, and components with very thin walls and highly complex geometries for novel micro-engineering designs. Jewellery designers are also looking at the SLM 100 to produce highly intricate designs in gold and titanium.” The new SLM 100 is a physically smaller machine than standard SLM equipment and stands just 2,000 mm high with a footprint of 800 by 800 mm.