With its intelligent spark protection system (ISPS), which provides information about spark distribution on the wire, Spark Track technology allows users to avoid wire breakage regardless of the machining conditions, as well as reduce part defects and simplify machine operation.

Wire oscillation, varied heights and tapered surfaces are among the common problems resolved by Spark Track technology. To achieve optimum results, the discharge distribution along the wire must be as uniform as possible.

With IVU Advance, users can reduce set-up times, check reference points without a measuring machine and correct machining errors. A CCD camera reduces the need for an operator’s presence.

Using this on-board measurement system to analyse light intensity variation allows the detection of edges, which saves costs and facilitates closed-loop manufacturing. At the same time, multiple measurement systems are available for part control and set-up, along with automatic shutter and part-cleaning solutions.

The CUT 2000 X’s Vision 5 software interface allows manufacturers to optimise production, achieveflexible job management and improve quality and productivity, says the company. Furthermore, Vision 5 simplifies last-minute machining sequence modifications and allows for special actions to be introduced directly inside the job.

A further innovation is open guides on the automatic wire changer (AWC) that allow manufacturers to use a combination of different wire diameters between roughing and finishing, thereby reducing machining time for small and complex geometries, resulting in up to 32% more productivity. Additionally, two 25 kg wire spools are available that eliminate the need to modify the wire circuit when switching wires.