The Lang Moto Speed enables spindle speeds up to 90,000 rpm to be achieved when working with tools under 10 mm diameter, according to Maurice Day, sales director at Thame Workholding, who adds: “Cutting graphite and hardened materials at high speed cuts machining times and produces the best finish. The Moto Speed brings this within the capability of virtually any milling machine.” The spindle body of the Moto Speed unit includes a 2 kW high frequency motor enclosed in a hardened steel casing and it is fitted with a high precision collet for tools between 1 and 10 mm diameter. Positive air pressure inside the spindle increases the life of the three-phase hybrid bearings and prevents dirt ingress. Power, sealing air, and coolant are supplied to the Moto Speed spindle through Lang’s patented interface. This fits to the side of the machine and has a contact-free sensor to monitor the rotational speed. The Moto Speed is available with a variety of different shanks including BT40, BT50, HSK 63, HSK50, SK50 and SK40, making it compatible with most machine tools. It also includes an internal coolant supply with twin adjustable nozzles.