Supplied with an integral pump, spare magnetic core and connection hoses, the FiltraMag+ provides 24/7 support in a multitude of machining applications. The unit also features an integral cleaning station with waste containers, making it easy to collect ferrous contamination for recycling.

Steve McAllorum, sales and marketing director at Eclipse Magnetics, says: “We’ve designed and developed the FiltraMag+ mobile filtration unit to provide worldwide markets with a cost-effective, high-performance offline filtration system. One unit can service multiple machines, increasing productivity and significantly improving fluid quality with minimal capital investment. The FiltraMag+ is price-positioned to be cost effective for single and multi-machine operations, providing effective contamination reduction.”

Filtramag+ is suitable for applications that include: ferrous machining processes, tank draining and cleaning, overnight fluid cleaning, additional filtration tasks, and incoming fluid inspection. The high magnetic strength (11,000 gauss) version of the unit is also suitable for carbide and cast-iron applications.

As a complete package, Filtramag+ includes the sub-micron performance FiltraMag+ filter, circulation pump, waste clean-off station, portable housing, and inlet and outlet hoses. The unit also comes with a spare magnetic cartridge to ensure continued operation when the primary cartridge is being cleaned.