Cut your coolant costs – magnetic filtration

Eclipse Magnetics' magnetic filters can dramatically reduce the amount of money you spend (on coolants, filter consumables and waste disposal) by removing sub-micron sized (ferrous, para-magnetic and grinding medium) particles from coolants without using consumables, with no running costs and in a form that can be recycled.

Magnetic filters remove particles as small as sub-micron size, much smaller than is typically removed by traditional filters. Removing these particles maintains fluid quality, extends fluid life and improves workpiece surface finish and accuracy. It also reduces the wear on cutting tools and other machine parts. No consumables are used, not only eliminating ongoing costs, but also meaning no fluid-soaked cartridges requiring the costly specialist disposal required under new strict environmental legislation. In fact, contamination is removed from the magnetic filter as a semi-dry cake which can be recycled. The magnetic filters do not prevent fluid flow when full so there is no backpressure build up. With less fluid used and with a recyclable waste product, the impact on the environment is greatly reduced. The Eclipse Magnetics filter range covers most grinding, honing and lapping applications. The Micromag is compact and can be manually cleaned in under a minute. The larger Filtramag is for higher contamination/higher flow applications. The latest additions to the range, the Automag and Autofiltrex, provide fully automated cleaning and are designed for 24/7 operation. At a time when every industry is looking to cut costs while simultaneously maintaining product quality and reducing environmental damage, the potential of magnetic filtration should not be overlooked.