The Piranha tri-linear colour line scan camera from Dalsa is suitable for a host of applications, including 100 per cent print inspection, postal/parcel sorting, high performance document scanning/image lift, electronic manufacturing inspection and high-end industrial inspection. This new camera, which features Dalsa’s own designed and manufactured sensor, more than doubles the line rate compared to existing tri- linear line scan cameras and also offers enhanced sensitivity. It eliminates artifacts associated with 3-CCD prism cameras and by placing a separate row of pixels for each color on a single sensor die. The advanced design reduces distance between rows to just two lines to minimize image artifacts due to synchronization associated with other tri-linear cameras. The result is higher quality images at higher speed. Of particular importance in the ability of the Piranha to be used in off-axis inspection applications for the inspection of free-moving objects and use where there is non-uniform illumination. In addition, the camera features pigment photoresist technology for the colour filters to prolong the lifetime of the sensor. Pigment photoresist is more immune to UV degradation than dye photoresist systems, giving better and longer imaging reliability and less maintenance. With a single power supply and Camera Link interface the camera can deliver 8 or 12 bits per channel colour at up to 80 Mpixels/second, the Piranha camera is both easy to use and powerful, offering programmable gains and offsets for each color as well as FPN and PRNU correction.