The Schunk Anthropomorphic Hand (SAH) has been designed especially for use on service robots in both domestic and commercial environments. Developed on the basis of a study by the German Aerospace Centre and the Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) in conjunction with Schunk, the hand is based on a 4-finger concept. This will make it possible to solve gripping, handling and manipulation tasks encountered in everyday life. The main use of the SAH will be humanoid assistance and service robots, which according to expert opinions and investigations will in future be frequently seen in the immediate living environment of households, homes or hospitals and will be as common as vacuum cleaners and computers are today. The SAH is a delicate robotic hand, resembling the human hand in terms of mobility and appearance. It has four identical fingers and one is equipped with an additional configuration axis to function as an opposing thumb. All the electric drives are integrated into the hand, so when used in conjunction with the Flat Changing System (FWS) with central electric guide, it enables the SAH to be fitted to any robot arm in a matter of seconds.