The pneumatically-operated Stark SPEEDY airtec zero point mounting system from Roemheld now comes in an additional three compact sizes. This extension to the Stark SPEEDY airtec range now offers a choice of sizes ranging from 80 mm diameter to 155 mm diameter. These offer three retaining forces of 10 kN, 20 kN and 30 kN and each operate with a single mounting nipple assuring compatibility throughout the range. Stark SPEEDY airtec locks mechanically using a series of wedges against the inserted nipple and releases pneumatically for ease of operation and safety. It offers disc spring clamping of 20.000 N and is easily released using compressed air at only 6 bar of pressure, without the need for a pressure converter or ancillary equipment. High process repeatability of less than 10 microns is ensured on all SPEEDY units due to the high accuracy of the zero point nipple and tolerances of the main unit. The stark SPEEDY airtec system can be easily designed in to new and or existing set ups thanks to its modular design. A housing is available to enable the system to be fitted directly onto pallet or plates for maximum versatility. It has also been designed for retrofitting onto existing cubes or tombstones. Each size is available in four versions, depending upon the application it will be used for: the standard version is available with a support ring, then there is also the option of an integral central locking system with air blow off to remove table swarf which offers the ability to keep coolant and swarf away from critical areas, and the option of a series of positional timing bores around the base, on the front face of the unit.