Aberlink own professional CAD Software will now replace the bought-in propriety CAD software previously supplied to customers. The company's CAD Comparison module is now available to purchasers of all of the company's CMM customers and can also be retrofitted to Aberlink’s previously delivered machines. The CAD Comparison module permits solid models (IGES or STEP format) to be imported by simply clicking a button within the main Aberlink 3D screen, this allows the CAD model to be instantly displayed in a superimposed window. CMM users are able to speedily manipulate the view of the high-resolution model by rotating, zooming and repositioning. On-screen buttons support access to up to six useful 2D model views or if preferred, a standard isometric image. Alignment of the solid model can be achieved in two ways, by measuring a geometric feature, for example a plane, line or circle and linking the feature to the CAD model by clicking on the relevant characteristic. Alternatively, solid model alignments can be made by probing six component points, clicking on the CAD model to show an approximate position and then performing a ‘best-fit’ alignment through the taken points. Having aligned to the CAD model, any subsequent measurements made on the component’s features will appear in the CAD window. Measured points are attached to the solid model by coloured lines that lead to boxes showing all identified errors. Detailed information about each measured point can be accessed by simply clicking onto the relevant error box. If preferred, results can be graphically represented by lines, the length of which represent the magnitude of the deviation of each point from the CAD model.