Accepting the award for Sandvik Coromant was Niels Bredick, senior solutions specialist, who played an integral role in the success of the project. Using CoroPlus Tool Guard and Collision Detector, a Ford Motor Company plant was able to successfully monitor a gear-grinding process in real time using a force sensor integrated between the spindle and the interface of the revolving tool turret.

The process monitoring application uses vibration to detect an overload of tool force. If the signal being sent from the sensor on the machine spindle exceeds the pre-determined overload limit, the machine is stopped and the operator alerted, saving valuable parts from being scrapped.

“It’s very satisfying to know that we implemented the correct technology and provided a reliable solution to successfully monitor this critical operation,” says Bredick. “Our process monitoring software can be applied to any operation with moving parts to avoid unwanted deviances from expected results.”

Jeff Rizzie, VP of digital machining at Sandvik Coromant, adds: “Without a solution like CoroPlus Tool Guard or CoroPlus Collision Detector, reaction time and expensive parts may be compromised if something goes wrong. Supporting sustainability and lean initiatives, this in-cut process monitoring technology provides stability and security, enabling customers to be more productive and efficient.”