The Kimla powercut 6 kW LF1530 full linear fibre laser machine and Kimla streamcut 4121 50 hp waterjet have been installed at MBA Engineering to demonstrate the unparalleled performance of the Kimla equipment and how efficiently projects can be carried out companies to competitor machinery. Kimla systems boast accuracies of 0.03 mm.

The MBA Engineering team is inviting clientele to visit the facility and witness first-hand how the demo machines compare to their current machinery, from both cutting speed and accuracy perspectives.

The fibre laser now housed at MBA Engineering features a 3,000 by 1,500mm bed and changing table, while the waterjet has a 4,000 by 2,000 mm bed.

Bradley McBain, managing director of MBA Engineering, said: “Allowing customers to see the Kimla machines performing first-hand in our facility is a great asset to have. We hope that any clients visiting our site will not only get a taste for MBA Engineering and the support, refurbishment and transport services we have to offer, but also how the Kimla machines we distribute exclusively in the UK can offer unrivalled accuracies and speeds.

“From machine moves and automation solutions, to consumables sales and we’re proud to offer full-service solutions that go hand-in-hand with the efficiency and accuracies the Kimla machines can demonstrate in our very own showroom.”