Laser metal deposition with Trumpf

​Laser metal deposition (LMD) is a generative manufacturing method for metals and explained by Trumpf in this video using their latest technology.

Trumpf explains that people also talk about ‘direct metal deposition’ (DMD) or ‘direct energy deposition’ (DED). The laser creates a weld pool on the component surface. Metal powder is automatically added via a nozzle. Beads that are welded together are formed, resulting in structures on existing base bodies or entire components.

The process is used in industries such as the aviation and aerospace industry, energy technology, petrochemicals, the automotive industry, as well as medical technology.

Trumpf says customers benefit from a wide range of lasers and laser systems, process expertise, and services for numerous applications. This means LMD technology can also be combined with laser welding or laser cutting.

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