High productivity cutting at moderate feed rates from Iscar

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High productivity cutting at moderate feed rates is the focus for Iscar's Helido/Feedmill combination.

Helido/Feedmill trigon double-sided, 6-edged insert combines Helido's strength and Feedmill's special geometry to facilitate milling at very high feed rates of up to 3.5 mm/tooth for high volume metal removal. The H600 WXCU 08... inserts have a large radius cutting edge configuration. The resultant cutting forces are directed axially towards the spindle. This design provides high stability and enables machining at high feed rates even in long overhang applications. In addition, the new WXCU 08 insert is clamped into a dovetail inclined pocket which provides very firm clamping. The new insert is available in SUMO TEC grades and various rake angles to be applied on a wide rage of materials and applications. The FF FWX..-08 face mills are available in 50 to 125 mm diameters. They all have coolant holes and can be applied in facing, ramping, plunging and helical interpolation applications with excellent performance and tool life.