Victor CNC Open House draws the crowds and does the business

Victor CNC's recent Open House event drew approaching 350 attendees, saw a sale on the spot, while over 40 quotes were requested.

In addition to on-going demonstrations of Victor's new Vturn-X200, Vturn-A26/85YCM, Vturn-A20CV and Vturn 40/220 CNC lathes, the company's latest Vcenter-A72 and Vcenter-H400 machining centres were also put through their paces. Victor CNC managing director Roland Willott said: "Having had confirmation of attendance from more than 350 people, given the timing of the event, in the middle of the holiday season, we were delighted that the vast majority of confirmed attendees came to our Machining Productivity Expo. "The sheer volume of visitors ensured that our staff were kept busy throughout the course of the event. In addition to the many visitors that came from Northern England, we were pleasantly surprised at the number of attendees from Southern England, Scotland, Ireland and even mainland Europe. Not only were we happy to greet many existing, dedicated Victor customers, it was very encouraging to talk to numerous potential customers who had never previously purchased Victor machine tools. In fact, so enthusiastic are our loyal customers, some of them did a fantastic job in extolling the virtues of our products to those less familiar with the brand; one such conversation even resulted in the sale of one of our demonstration machines! "Such was the level of interest in our new generation machines, over the course of the three-day event, 43 quotes were requested. Building on last year's success, this year has again seen substantial increase in Victor CNC's UK sales. As 'The Big One' generated a great deal of high quality leads, we will now be working hard to undertake in-depth demonstrations and putting together cost-effective proposals to help continue this very positive sales trend."