SigmaNESTS DSTV Converter

Have you ever had to export 3D CAD files to DXF format, import them into a 2D CAD package, make some changes, export them to DXF again and finally import them into SigmaNEST only to be informed two minutes later that the design engineers made yet another change to the "final" design files?

SigmaTEK Systems now has the ability to import DSTV format files! DSTV is an ASCII format developed by the German Steel Construction Association for the description of structural steel shapes for NC applications. You can recognize this file type as ending in .NC1. The files can be read and converted to parts by SigmaNEST, thus completely eliminating the need to convert the files from a .NC1 to a .dxf manually before importing them into SigmaNEST. Importing the DSTV file is as easy as importing a .dxf file. First, click on the work-space tab in SigmaNEST and then on the important button just below. A down arrow will appear with multiple file types. If you have activated this option, DSTV will be one of the options in the list of different file formats to import. Next, choose your DSTV file and your parts will be imported. To activate the option for importing DSTV files, allow SigmaTEK to walk you through the steps by contacting a SigmaTEK Applications Engineer.