Precision vices from Hainbuch!

Hainbuch have now released a family of precision vices. Renowned for their excellant rotary workholding this range of 3 vices is the latest addition to the expanding Hainbuch product range.

1. UNOK Parts are clamped with a reliable and repeatable process using a positive pull back effect and can be preadjusted so parts are always clamped the same The high-strength ground body can be positioned on any edge even vertically and there are slots to position in X and Y axis. 0.01mm repeatability is possible using very high hydraulically intenisified manual clamping The UNOK is available in the sizes 90, 125 and 160. Jaw width 2. DUOK This Vice is designed for high productivity using 2 clamping positions within 1 small vice, 1 part is clamped (1 kN) while the second jaw moves to clamp part 2, only then do both jaws clamp solidly. The high-strength precision ground body provides process reliability and flexibility and can be used mounted on the base, side or end (vertically) Repeatability is within 0.01mm Two sizes are available 90 and 125 wide, both hand operated with hydraulic intensified clamping 3. SYMOK This compact powerful vice gives concentric clamping for parts always bringing then on centre, it is an ideal height and small size for any 5 Axis machining. The operating spindle is positioned for optimal power transmission and jaw deflection as kept to an absolute minimum repeatability is better than 0.01 mm as with the other two vices The clamping pressure can be varied very sensitively by hand The SYMOK is available in the sizes 90 and 125 jaw width There are a wide range of different jaws and endstop variations for all three vices with high accuracy and rigidity standard as with all Hainbuch workholding