Micro-Vu Vertex 251 entry-level non-contact CMM comes with useful nice-to-haves

Although an entry-level model, the Micro-Vu Vertex 251 non-contact vision measuring centre from Metrology Direct boasts features usually associated with more expensive measuring machines.

It includes Micro-Vu's own InSpec Metrology software that is easy to use with no advanced programming knowledge required. A vast range of measuring functions including proprietary edge detection, advanced image processing, tolerancing and reporting as possible with just a 'right click' of the mouse. The Micro-Vu Vertex 251 caters for smaller components such as pressed parts, circuit boards, O-rings, seals and plastic mouldings up to 250 by 160 by 160 mm and weighing up to 10 kg. The automated system is suitable for shopfloor, inspection room and laboratory use. The camera based Micro-Vu Vertex 251 features digital, high resolution video in colour or black and white. Programmable illumination is provided by long life LED lighting so that all parts can be measured in exactly the same way every time. Viewed magnification range can be 16-540X in normal mode and as much as 32-1,080X with an optional multiplier. The unit is fully programmable to all magnifications and measurement accuracy is stated as three microns irrespective of magnification. The Vertex 251 has multi-sensor capability and is delivered as a plug-in and play measuring system ready to accept a camera, touch probes and laser probes as well as an optional rotary index positioning device.