LMI Gocator: Smart Camera For 3D Imaging Announced

STEMMER IMAGING announces the new LMI Gocator 3D smart camera from LMI Technologies, which is set to revolutionise industrial 3D measurements by making them more affordable and more accessible to a wider range of applications.

The LMI Gocator features an integrated laser source and optics and allows on-board processing of 3D data without the need for an external PC, allowing the direct output of the measured results. These new cameras are pre-calibrated and designed to simplify setup and measurement, while providing a simple 'plug'n play' ability to link multiple cameras together for extraordinarily versatile measurement configurations. A built-in web server makes set-up extremely easy since no separate software is needed and the camera can be accessed using any popular web browser. A powerful suite of built-in measurement tools turns live 3D profiles into real-time measurements with pass/fail decisions and real-time profile data can be viewed on any computer using any operating system. A simple point and click GUI allows single or multiple measurement tools to be selected according to the application requirements. For added flexibility, scripting in 'C' is possible to allow tailored calculations. True stand-alone system LMI Gocator is a true stand-alone system, with no additional controllers required. It can be accessed via industry standard Ethernet and simple cabling is provided for inputs, outputs, and power. Versatile I/O capabilities allow the camera trigger to be chosen from time, encoder, external input, or software, while data and decisions can be transmitted a via RS-485 serial output channel or measurement decisions can be output digitally to external devices or measurement values and decisions can be converted to analogue output signals. Reliable measurements in real-world coordinates Calibration is extremely straightforward since the integral laser and camera are precision factory aligned to provide consistent, reliable measurements in real-world coordinates, even in applications where temperature variation normally would introduce measurement errors. The field of view ranges from 14 mm to 1260 mm depending on the Gocator model selected. Advanced features include dynamic exposure modes to deal with surfaces with a high variation of surface reflectivity where the camera combines multiple exposures to deliver an accurate profile every time. The LMI Gocator can seamlessly link to a second camera to provide a host of measurement possibilities. Profile data from both cameras are combined using a single GUI to measure, make decisions, and show results as if they came from a single sensor.