CGTech's Vericut brings digital manufacturing services to life

Jaivel Europe, Mansfield, is part of an international engineering services group that offers its customers a number of benefits. One of these is digital manufacturing services, which in turn relies on CGTech's Vericut independent NC program verification and machine tool simulation software.

Jaivel Europe offers its customers a number of key solutions as business development director Barry Lomas explains: "We have three overlapping business streams. We provide outsourced machining or programming services, and digital manufacturing services to various sectors, including aerospace, power generation, motorsport and the medical industry." Digital manufacturing services typically starts when a customer receives a contract for the manufacture of a number of parts on a repeat basis. As a turnkey solution the company takes it from that point right through to the First Article Inspection Report (FAIR). Whichever software is used to create the NC code every component program is proven using Vericut as an independent verification of the safe motion of the tool and machine dynamics. Mr Lomas explains: "We pride ourselves in the way we approach projects, which maybe slightly outside of the box. So, Vericut becomes invaluable as we approach these projects using different methods. To achieve cost savings and such like you have to 'shake the tree' to see if you can do something unusual and Vericut allows us to prove the process concept." He points to another advantage of using Vericut: "For project work, it is imperative that we program and deliver the various new parts on a priority basis. We have just completed a project with over 130 components, and when you are dealing with that number delivered on a specified date detailed capacity planning in terms of changing from the obsolete to a new product is required. That's where Vericut kicks in, giving you very accurate cycles times so that you know how much capacity is available which allows you to plan and not fail on the delivery. I would say that Vericut is certainly required on new product introduction and streamlining or re-engineering existing components - taking the cost out."