Automated turning for under £80,000

The Hardinge GS51A is a competitively priced, fully integrated 2 or 3-axis collet-ready spindle lathe with the option of automatic load/unload gantry and 10 platen, patented modular magazine.

With its GS Performance Plus Package and Gantry Part Exchanger, it has been developed as a compact production cell, taking just 3.1 m by 1.5 m of floor space. It is available for under £80,000 as a ready-to-run operational cell, using the Hardinge collet-ready spindle, with a maximum machining diameter of 284 mm by 456 mm turned length. The 12-station turret can also be upgraded with C-axis positioning and a driven tool option. Constructed on a single-piece cast iron base giving maximum rigidity the machine features the benefits obtained from Hardinge's CMA (Continuous Machining Accuracy) with a thermal package incorporating headstock cooling and linear scale positioning within 5 microns on X and Z axes. As a result, high orders of machining stability, accuracy and surface finish can be expected. The double-gripper, vertical gantry loading arm interfaces with an external patented 10-platen slant magazine located at the headstock end of the machine, with each platen able to accept multiple parts. The system has automatic centre position adjustment for component pick-up and deposit after machining. It takes just 9 seconds to exchange the component with the Hardinge high rigidity collet system that maintains the component in close proximity to the spindle bearing arrangement to maximise the influence on roundness, concentricity and surface finish. As an option, a 3-jaw chuck can be specified.