Yamazaki Mazak designs compact Integrex i-630V for heavy duty machining

Mazak has designed the compact high rigidity 5-axis tilting head Integrex i-630V for heavy duty applications across a broad range of industries from aerospace to heavy equipment.

The vertically configured Integrex i-630V is capable of machining workpieces, up to 1,050 by 1,000 mm and weighing up to 1,750 kg, and it accommodates 630 by 630 mm pallets. The column-type design occupies a 4,960 mm wide and 6,500 mm deep floor space. Its milling spindle is capable of delivering 10,000 rpm (37 kW, 343 Nm, 40% ED rating) as standard with options for 5,000 rpm (37 kW, 715 Nm, 40% ED rating) and 15,000 rpm (56 kW, 143 Nm, 40%ED rating). The NC rotary table with turning function is equipped with a direct drive motor and high rigidity bearing for improved heavy duty machining performance on difficult to machine materials. The combination of direct drive motor and rotary scale configuration maximises indexing performance while supporting superior surface finish and part accuracy. Furthermore, the Integrex i-630V's heavy duty milling capability is enhanced by the use of three roller bearings for high speed rotation and high moment rigidity. The B-axis, high accuracy tilting spindle has a compact body 30% smaller than that of the Integrex e-1060V/6 II. This is combined with a compact spindle cartridge to prevent interference with the workpiece. Crucially, the Integrex i-630V is equipped with a high speed/high accuracy pallet feed fitted with linear roller guides for a rapid traverse rate of 52 m/min and a pallet change time of 11 sec. Further space efficiency is delivered by a front chip conveyor which can be located on either side of the front of the machine, or alternatively at the back. A 43-tool chain magazine is fitted as standard with options for 80, 120 and 160 tools also available. The Integrex i-630V can also be specified with a tool hive capable of holding 180, 240 or 348 tools. Equipped with the Mazatrol Matrix 2 CNC, which has improved hardware, software and field network capability, the Integrex i-630V is capable of efficient programming of even the most complex components, says Mazak. For fast programming there is the conversational Mazatrol system, as well as full compatibility with EIA/ISO programming, giving a complete CNC platform for high productivity. Energy efficiency is underlined by a power consumption 10% below that of the Integrex e-1060V/6 II. The Integrex i-630V is also equipped with a number of other environment-friendly features, including LED lighting, personnel sensor, intelligent chip conveyor, NC display off and power consumption meter. Furthermore, with grease used to lubricate the slideway rather than oil, industrial waste is reduced.