Wogaard unveils its latest solution to the market

Wogaard will unveil its latest solution at the Seco Tools ITI 2022, a system that they believe will revolutionise coolant management in the manufacturing industry.

For the first time in the UK and worldwide, Wogaard will showcase its brand new solution in action – the Wogaard Beacon UV Coolant Disinfection Solution. The new Wogaard Beacon UV is a unique coolant disinfection solution that effectively penetrates through milky soluble coolant mixes to reduce bacteria growth down to levels that comply with the current regulations and are safe for operators. 

Wogaard is a technical partner for this year's first Seco Tool Hybrid (physical and virtual) Event, scheduled for 28 September, 2022.  

Inspiration through Innovation demonstrates the value of collaboration in the search for innovation in the aerospace manufacturing sector. Also known as the 'aerospace event of the year', The Seco Tools ITI 2022 will use innovative strategies to explore collaborative solutions to common challenges in manufacturing aerospace components in various materials.  

Renowned for their unique Coolant and Oil Saving Solutions, Wogaard identified this area in manufacturing that will not only extend coolant life but also have relevant Health and Safety and Environmental benefits like their award-winning Coolant and Oil Saver. 

The Wogaard Beacon UV is stand-alone and can sit next to your machine sump while the machine continues in operation. It is simple to use, cost-effective and delivers the latest UV Technology that will ensure that the bacteria concentration is at a safe operating parameter. The Beacon UV installation is straightforward and can be set up whilst the machine is still in operation. It’s also accessible for all many types of machine sumps.

During the Seco Tools ITI Event, technical partners will share inspiring live discussions and seminars on various topics and challenges facing the aerospace manufacturing segment, such as:  

  • Partnerships to support sustainability ambitions.  
  • The physics of machining in superalloys.  
  • Efficient machining in materials such as CFRP and stacked composites. 
  • Finding value in data, digitalisation, traceability, and automation. 

Wogaard said it is "honoured for the opportunity to have their new solution Wogaard Beacon UV up and running during the applications, offering the chance to visitors to see it in action and also to answer any questions right onsite.

"Join us for this exciting event, focused on aerospace manufacturing, to learn from live machining demonstrations, an inspiring seminar programme, and great networking opportunities," the company added.

You can register here or by visiting Seco Tools website. If you wanted to know more about the Wogaard Beacon UV prior to the event, feel free to visit Wogaard’s website and get in touch with the team.