New Wogaard Oil Saver in stainless steel for the medical industry

Wogaard has unveiled the latest addition to its product range: the Wogaard Oil Saver Stainless Steel variant, specifically designed for the Medical Industry.

Cleanliness is not merely a matter of appearance; it is a regulatory requirement. Medical devices must adhere to strict cleanliness standards to ensure the safety of patients.

In the realm of medical device manufacturing, clean rooms are utilised to create products in a sterile and controlled environment. They ensure stability, reliability, and control. 

Stainless steel is often the material of choice for cleanroom equipment due to its robustness, resilience, and outstanding resistance to chemicals. 

Our new Stainless Steel Oil Saver is built to withstand the demanding conditions and stringent standards required in medical applications.

Here are some key advantages of the newly-launched Stainless Steel Oil Saver:

🔸 Crafted from medically approved Stainless Steel.

🔸 Significant savings on new neat oil costs.

🔸 Substantial reduction in disposal expenses of residual neat oil.

🔸 Minimises mess during the emptying of swarf into Spinners.

🔸 Ensures machines don't alarm out overnight due to low oil levels, preserving valuable machine hours.

🔸 Decreases manpower hours via reduced handling.

🔸 Maintains cleanliness around machines and in disposal or spinning areas.

♻️ Contributes positively to environmental sustainability and encourages eco-friendly manufacturing practices.

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