Wogaard system reclaims coolant

Wogaard has introduced a new cutting fluid reclaim solution.

The Wogaard Coolant Saver is an innovative all-in-one solution that collects cutting fluid from the chip container and returns it to the machine sump. The Wogaard Coolant SaverTM is developed and optimised specifically for use with CNC machines equipped with an automatic chip conveyor. The compact unit consists of a venturi that generates a vacuum off the constant flow of cutting-fluid coming from the machine's coolant pump. A stainless steel suction cup is placed on the bottom of the chip container, continuously collecting the cutting fluid and leading it back to the machine sump. It is powered by the machines existing on-board coolant pump, so no external energy source is needed. The unit requires no maintenance and, with a cost of less than £200, the return on investment can be very quick. "Automatic chip conveyors on CNC machines can act as huge oil-skimmers, effectively dragging out the precious cutting fluid and dumping it in the chip container," said Christian Woergaard, product manager for Wogaard. "The potential savings from continuously returning the cutting-fluid from the chip container to the machine sump are considerable, and cost per part can be reduced significantly." A 'savings calculator' is available at the Wogaard website