Ward CNC has new Takisawa turning centres available from stock

Now available from stock from TW Ward CNC Machinery Ltd (Ward CNC) is the Takisawa TT1100GC twin-spindle turning centre and the single-spindle TCC1100GA.

Unlike many twin-spindle machines in the marketplace, the Takisawa TT1100GC is a gantry loaded machine that has been designed to take productivity, precision and performance to a new level for manufacturers in the automotive, electronic, medical and general engineering sectors.

The gantry loading and unloading turning cell with an in-built component stocking system is the perfect partner for lights-out machining of precision small parts. With both spindles mounted on a single-piece rigid bed casting, this machine incorporates precision hardened and ground box slideways and a high-speed servo turret.

Emphasising the speed of this machine is the ultrafast loading and unloading of parts. Capable of loading components in 1.7 seconds, the loader is positioned at the front of the machining chamber to significantly reduce the loading distance and the spindle moves forward to the loading position, reducing component transition times further.

The load/unload system works in tandem with a supply and discharge station that is integrated into the machine envelope to minimise the machine footprint. The station can be configured as a three-guide bar type or as a centre pole type station with the part gripper available as a parallel or swivel type hand. Added to this, the machine incorporates a peripheral modular unit that presents a measuring unit, washing unit, part positioning via a camera system, phase determining unit and a turnover transfer unit.

The machine has a compact footprint of 2.8 by 3.3m including stocker and swarf conveyor. Within the machine’s envelope is a 6-inch chucking machine that has a maximum turning diameter of 140mm and a turning length up to 121mm with X and Z-axis travel of 160 and 260mm respectively.

So, if you are looking for a machine that can produce parts up to 80mm diameter with incredible speed, the Takisawa TT1100GC is the machine of choice. It is driven by a 5.5/3.7kW spindle motor capable of reaching 4500rpm and it demonstrates impressive power and torque levels for high material removal rates on the most challenging of materials.

Flexibility for the most challenging of components that demand one-hit machining is derived from the two 10+10 toolholders that can accommodate square shank tools up to 20mm and round tools to 25mm. The one-hit capabilities are further enhanced by a turnover unit that allows simultaneous front and back machining.

With sustainability and the environment being a key consideration for Ward CNC, the Sheffield company is delighted to introduce the new energy-efficient systems within the Japanese manufactured Takisawa TT1100GC. This includes a regenerative energy system that returns power to the supply when the motor decelerates. Additional environmentally friendly features include an internal lighting shut-off function that reduces standby power, a control panel cooling design that takes natural radiation into account to reduce electric power and much more.

Alongside the Takisawa TT1100GC and also available from stock is the TCC1100GA. With a footprint of just 1.8m by 2m and a high-speed loader, the TCC1100GA is a 6inch chucking machine with a maximum turning diameter of 220mm and a turning length up to 171mm with a bar capacity of 42mm diameter. This single-spindle single turret turning centre demonstrates exceptional flexibility and the machine has the choice of eight tool turret as standard or a 12-tool station is also available.

The extremely rigid headstock has been designed for high-torque machining with excellent cutting performance. With a 5.5/3.7kW spindle motor and a continuous torque rating of 28.3Nm, the TCC1100GA demonstrates exceptional power and speed for machining the most challenging of components.

Offered with a familiar and powerful FANUC 0i-TF CNC interface, the multi-function software also incorporates the RAKU-RAKU loading system, tool life management, tool load monitoring, process capability and machine run information.

If you want to find out more about these machines which are available ex-stock from Ward CNC’s Sheffield and Redditch showrooms, please contact Ward CNC – the exclusive supplier of Takisawa Machine Tools in the United Kingdom and Irish Republic to arrange a demonstration.