Walter launches new long-series drilling line

​With the Xtreme Evo solid carbide drills from the DC160 Advance range of drills, Walter has developed the ‘next generation of drilling’. Now, Walter has expanded the scope of this line by introducing lengths from 16 to 30XD; enabling the range to now include deep-hole drilling.

As the successor to the Alpha 4XD drills that have been long established as a market leader, the DC160 Advance, like its predecessor, makes deep-hole drilling possible in a single operation without pecking. This is credit to incorporating all the advantages of Walter’s XD Technology.

Complementing the existing 3, 5, 8 and 12XD ranges, the new arrivals include the 16, 20, 25 and 30XD for drilling high-precision holes with unfathomable stability and concentricity. The 16 and 20XD drills are available in diameters from 3 to 16mm whereas the longer 25 and 30XD variants are offered in diameters from 3 to 12mm. The through-coolant drills are available with an overall length from 89 to 430mm depending upon the depth by diameter ratio drill selected.

The coating and geometry have been optimised and just like the existing versions of the DC160 Advance, the deep-hole drills also feature the innovative new thinner web with 140° point angle and the fourth land in an advanced position. The new thinner web ensures increased positional accuracy and reduces centre cutting forces while the advanced position fourth land optimises the guidance of the drill.

Furthermore, the new drills incorporate a pronounced chip gullet relief that creates a smooth and efficient cutting action upon initial entry. This softer cutting action reduces the required feed force and this subsequently eliminates deflection to add to the credentials of the DC160 to achieve exceptional hole precision and concentricity.

The Xtreme Evo is the full package with a perfect combination of winning features that range from Walter’s extremely wear-resistant WJ30ET and WJ30EU grades to the consistency of the very tough K30F micrograin substrate and the TiSiAlCrN/AlTiN multi-layer coating.

The layer structure makes the drills both tough and wear-resistant and plays a crucial part in the process reliability and performance of the DC160 Advance drills. This makes it possible to achieve a long tool life and high cutting data. The advanced fourth land is engaged quickly and this consequently optimises drill guidance, particularly for inclined entries and exits.

Furthermore, the polished flutes from 8XD optimise chip evacuation and reduce cutting forces. This combines with a new type of face geometry that creates a large amount of space for chips in the centre and improves chip removal in soft materials. The steep approach angle reduces the feed force and improves positioning accuracy.

Typical application areas of the drills that are available with or without through coolant include the general mechanical engineering industry as well as the mould and die making, energy, automotive and aerospace industries. Walter offers intermediate sizes and special dimensions via its Xpress service with faster delivery times.