Walter introduces new drilling line

One of the most important reasons for special tools is to increase productivity by integrating multiple machining steps into one tool. The new Walter DC165 Advance solid carbide drill, which can be designed as a special tool alongside the standard drilling range 4 to 16mm diameter 5XD, offers a wide variety of options for multiple machining operations.

The drill’s design with straight flutes makes it particularly well suited for production as a special tool because, unlike conventional twist drills, there is no warping or distortion at the dimensional transitions. As a step drill, it offers an extensive range of diameters from intermediate steps through to larger diameters.

The polished flutes on the DC165 Advance improve chip removal and minimise build-up on the cutting edge when machining aluminium, which is the drill's primary application in addition to machining cast iron workpieces.

Four radial lands help the DC165 Advance ensure excellent guidance – and therefore extremely precise roundness and straightness of the drilled hole, as well as high surface quality. Users can also benefit from company-specific services alongside the high drill quality that they will generally be familiar with.

These services include the option of having the tool reground up to three times in the Walter Reconditioning Centres around the world and also benefit from the Walter Xpress service for the design of less complex special drills. Walter also offers the DC165 drill as a special product up to 12XD with a delivery time of just two weeks.

In addition to the material application areas of aluminium and cast iron, it is suited for manufacturing applications in general mechanical engineering, hydraulic manufacturing and automotive industry sectors.