Walter launches new 12XD drilling line

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​When it comes to precision micro-drilling, Walter has established a position of authority with its high quality range of drills; the Tübingen-based company has introduced two new additions to extend the portfolio for end users.

In a programme expansion, the new internally cooled Walter Titex DB133 Supreme micro drills have become successfully established around the world for machining precision parts. Recent developments see the series has been expanded with the DB133 Supreme solid carbide micro drill in dimensions of 5, 8 and 12XD.

The through coolant DB133 Supreme features an AlCrN coating. The 5XD offering has WJ30EL full flute length coating applied. However, the longer 8XD and 12XD drills are WJ30ER with the coating only applied to the point of the drill and not the entire flute length, which further aids chip evacuation in deeper holes.

The Walter Titex DB133 drills feature a 140-degree point angle to ensure positive engagement in the pilot hole that is produced by DB131. The DB133 Series starts at 0.7mm diameter, and increases in 0.05mm increments to the largest drill in the range, 1.984mm.

The overall flute length of the 0.7mm diameter 5XD, 8XD and 12XD drills is 6mm, 8mm and 11mm and 17mm, 23mm & 31mm respectively for the largest 1.984mm diameter 5XD, 8XD & 12XD drills. The entire programme is based upon a 3mm diameter shank with all drills consisting of precision ground flutes and two coolant channels that maximise chip clearance and cooling performance.

The new DB131 Supreme drill is a pilot drill for deep hole drilling operations. It features the WJ30EL (AlCrN) coating which covers the complete flute length and it has a smooth surface offering secure chip evacuation. The point angle on the DB131 pilot drill is 150 degrees making it perfect for pilot holes up to 2XD prior to the deep hole drilling applications with the corresponding DB133 drill.

The diameter ranges from 0.5 to 1.984mm with 0.05mm diameter increment increases, with common imperial equivalents also added to the program, and covering some small tap drill sizes. The flute length of the 0.5mm drill is 3mm and the overall length is 47mm and this proportionately increases to a flute length of 10mm and overall length of 57mm on the 1.984mm diameter drill.

The result of a new flute design allows the chips to break, so that they are shorter, guaranteeing reliable evacuation from the work envelope. The new drills also incorporate a special cutting edge preparation that demonstrates outstanding surface finish and overall hole quality on the component whilst significantly improving tool life.

With these new products, Walter has further refined the adaptation of the length to diameter (L/D) ratio to the required drilling depth. The result is a range of micro drills that ensures maximum stability when machining thanks to its broad scope and the optimised design. The drill and pilot drill can be used with emulsion or oil and are suitable for all ISO material groups.

In addition to the watchmaking and jewellery industry and medical technology, the premium manufacturer cites general mechanical engineering, mould and die making, the electronics and the energy and automotive industries as other specific areas of application.