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Walter introduces new range of end mills

Despite a growing trend towards lightweight construction, steel machining still represents a significant market share. With the MD340 and MD344 Supreme solid carbide milling cutters, Walter is launching two new tools for the machining of ISO P materials.

The MD340 Supreme is available from 2 to 25mm diameter and from 1/16–¾" diameter. It is specifically designed for roughing, full slotting and dynamic milling of steel materials. The extensive product range with three, four or five teeth makes it suitable for universal applications. The MD344 Supreme four-edge cutter with its special end-cutting geometry is available from 6 to 20mm diameter and is designed for 90° plunging or ramping.

This solid carbide milling cutter is setting new standards, particularly when it comes to plunging and pocket milling in a single operation. Mass producers in particular can shorten the machining time due to fewer tool changes, while the number of required tool positions in the machine and reconditioning costs are also reduced by using fewer tools.

Both of these steel specialists, MD340 and MD344 Supreme, boast a multi-layer TiAlN and ZrN coating developed in-house at Walter, as well as a reduced neck. As a result, these Supreme milling cutters machine ISO P materials at the very highest level. The MD344 Supreme is even considered the benchmark for opening up and machining pockets and cavities using the same tool.

The main benefits of the MD340 and 344 Supreme milling cutters are their impressive cost-efficiency and long tool life when ISO P machining. The variable helix, pitch and number of teeth, all of which are perfectly coordinated, ensure exceptional performance and operational smoothness. What's more, the helical pitch is adapted to the number of teeth, which improves the surface quality.