Walter introduces new insert grade

After the launch of the Tiger- tec Gold indexable inserts in WKP45G PVD grade for the Walter Xtra·tec XT, BLAXX and M4000 milling cutter families, this successful grade is now also available for Xtra·tec shoulder milling cutters, helical milling cutters, slotting cutters, high-feed F2330 milling cutters and F2239 copy milling cutters.

Just like the previously launched insert styles, the new indexable inserts stand out from the crowd due to their versatility and range of applications. The foundation for the high process reliability of the Tiger·tec Gold indexable inserts is their balance between wear resistance and toughness.

The world's first PVD Aluminium Oxide coating ensures that the rake face is extremely smooth, thereby offering low friction and long tool life. Depending on their needs, users can either use higher cutting data to produce more components in the same time or make use of the insert's increased tool life to reduce their machining times and costs.

Alongside the coating technology, the layer structure of the grade also makes it unique. The tough carbide substrate is topped with an extremely wear-resistant titanium aluminium nitride layer, followed by a highly temperature-resistant aluminium oxide layer and then a gold-coloured zirconium nitride top layer. This optimises friction behaviour and wear detection.

This unique structure makes the Tiger·tec Gold PVD indexable inserts suitable for universal use in a wide range of Walter milling cutters to machine all materials in ISO groups P (steels), ISO S (titanium and heat resistant alloys) and M (austenitic stainless steels). It can also be applied in tough situations such as machining with large overhangs or wet machining.