Walter introduce new universal aluminium tooling range

​With the MD266 Supreme, Walter is enhancing its premium segment.

The MD266 Supreme solid carbide milling cutter is developed for the aerospace industry, Walter is launching a universal aluminium specialist. It is suitable for universal application in all roughing, semi-finishing and finishing operations and has been designed specifically for ISO N machining.

Walter offers the uncoated MD266 Supreme (z2/z3) with centre cut and a reduced neck from 2 to 25mm diameter in this product range. A transition radius at the end of the cutting edge minimises transition steps when wall finishing. According to Walter, this is why the milling cutter is ideal for machining deep pockets where slot milling or ramping has preceded in the process.

The internal coolant with axial coolant outlet from 6mm diameter maximises the lubrication and improves the chip evacuation. This makes a long tool life possible with minimal build-up on the cutting edge, thereby ensuring increased process reliability.

The high level of operational smoothness of the MD266 Supreme is the result of a 30° helix angle and low-vibration microgeometry. This is a particular advantage for users because high speeds are frequently accompanied by challenging conditions.

The MD266 Supreme has been designed specifically for machining wrought aluminium alloys; particularly for applications where the focus is on high power and high metal removal rates, as well as maximum process reliability.

The best examples of this are the machining of structural components in the aerospace industry, as well as components in general mechanical engineering. The milling cutter is capable of full slotting and ramping and, alongside its good performance and process reliability, is particularly impressive due to its suitability for universal applications. For Walter, this aluminium specialist is another premium tool in the high-end segment.