Walter introduces new TC620D thread milling line

Walter has introduced a new TC620 Supreme solid carbide universal thread milling cutter.

High cutting pressure, tool deflection, wear and overall performance are particular challenges when it comes to thread milling. The results of these common issues can be restrictive cutting performance parameters, additional cutting passes, short tool life and even tool breakage, but Walter said the product overcomes these challenges.

With the arrival of the new TC620 Supreme universal thread milling cutter, Walter is transferring the functional principle of its T2711 indexable insert thread milling cutter to smaller thread diameters. The hard-wearing characteristics of the WB10TJ solid carbide grade TC620 Supreme ensures tool wear is drastically reduced.

This is further extenuated by an innovative geometry design that minimises cutting forces and the result is significantly higher feed per tooth. The multi-row design concept not only reduces machining time and tool wear, it also improves process reliability.

As a universal thread milling tool that is suitable for materials from steel and stainless through to exotic alloys, this process reliability is particularly pertinent when the TC620 is used with more demanding materials such as Inconel 718.

Incorporating a through coolant facility that provides reliable chip evacuation and efficient cooling, the TC620 Supreme guarantees maximum process reliability and consequently, radius corrections are seldom necessary.

Walter is launching the TC620 Supreme for thread depths of 2 and 2.5XD in dimensions from M4 to M20 to cater for the complete needs of the machine shop. The TC620 Supreme is also available in UNC 8 to UNC ¾ dimensions. This seamlessly links the new TC620 Supreme universal thread milling cutter to the Walter T2711 indexable insert thread milling cutter for larger thread requirements.