Vollmer launches CM300 and CMF300 automatic saw blade sharpeners capable of round the clock working

Vollmer's fully automatic CM300 and CMF300 sharpening machines for carbide-tipped circular saw blades up to a diameter of 1,440 mm are suitable for sharpening the edges of circular saw blade teeth on tooth faces, tops and the sides.

Both CM300 and CMF300 can machine in one clamping operation to ensure precision and performance. And, using the ND460 handling system, the machines' nine CNC-controlled axes and automatic tooth measurement allows micron precision to be achieved, regardless of blade geometries, around the clock, says Vollmer Every saw blade is automatically brought into the exact grinding position, regardless of the diameter. The integrated measuring sensor records all data such as cutting width, steel blade thickness or cutting angle. The machines then measure the grinding wheel to compensate for wear during sharpening. The CM300 can machine the complete tooth geometry of the tooth tops and tooth faces of carbide-tipped circular saw blades in one clamping operation. The two high mass, highly rigid grinding spindles with an output of 2,200 W can each accept various grinding wheels, due to the automatic tool management. The grinding wheels for machining chip breakers, clearance angles and chip surfaces are mounted onto the powerful main spindles. As the grinding aggregate cannot be swivelled, a high level of rigidity and accuracy can be guaranteed, Vollmer points out. The CMF300 has been developed for grinding the sides in flat face grinding procedures. Machining both sides of the tungsten carbide tip simultaneously by utilising the flat face of the diamond cup wheel, the CMF300 achieves excellent stock removal with straight tooth sides for extra strength. The sides are measured automatically while grinding, and an acoustic measuring device is used for accurate adjustment. The machine automatically defines the grinding point and controls the complete grinding path, reducing operator set-up and adjustment time. The proven Windows-based Vollmer operator interface facilitates the control of the sharpening machine, as grinding programs are already integrated as standard. Only a small amount of data must be entered to start the sharpening process. In addition, new sharpening programs can be created during machining. The ND460 automated handling system has loading carriages that can be moved with normal fork lift trucks and are also suitable for the transport of saws in the circular saw production process. The system can handle up to 50 saw blades up to a maximum 1,440 m diameter. When changing the carriages, the robot stops, but the grinding process is not interrupted.