Vollmer to introduce new saw blade sharpening machines at MACH

At MACH 2022, Vollmer will be demonstrating its circular saw blade production expertise in Hall 20 on Stand 550 with the Vollmer CHX/HS CNC grinding machine and the Loroch Powerstar 850. The two machines will appear alongside the Vollmer Vgrind 360S tool grinding machine at the UK’s showpiece manufacturing event at the Birmingham NEC from the 4-8 April.

The CHX/HS automated CNC machine is capable of sharpening the tooth face and top of circular saw blades in a single set-up with continuous unmanned running. Vollmer has developed this machine in line with the requirements of sharpening specialists and manufacturers that continuously re-sharpen circular saws.

The CHX/HS is available in two variants, the CHX840 and the CHX1300. This designation means the respective machines are ideal for machining carbide-tipped circular saw blades with a diameter up to 840mm or 1300mm diameter.

With five CNC-controlled axes, the CHX/HS can machine saw blades with all common tooth geometries and this also applies to axial angle and group toothing. The CHX machine at MACH will be connected to Vollmer’s HS automation solution, hence the CHX/HS designation. The HS system ensures automatic loading of the CHX machine, so end users can benefit from more than seven hours of unmanned operation.

The programming and preparation of the saw blade stack can be undertaken during machine operation and with a saw blade stack height of up to 180mm, the HS automatic machine loading system can hold up to 25 circular saw blades. As saws are stacked with intermediate layers, tooth breakages and blade damage can be avoided. The CHX/HS is equipped with different automation options to reduce machining and set-up times and at MACH, the machine will certainly draw the crowds.

The automation options include an optional automatic set-up process that consists of running in the saw, diameter detection and also an acoustic sensor for touching. Credit to a double grinding wheel configuration, the sharpening of tooth face and top is conducted in a single set-up, thus reducing the set-up times of the machine. The operating concept is based on the Vollmer multi-function hand-wheel that facilitates the selection and movement of the axes, which in turn avoids operating errors.

Alongside the CHX/HS will be the Vollmer Loroch Powerstar 850; a machine that simplifies the production of metal-cutting saw blades. The Loroch Powerstar 850 is a convincing proposition with a host of innovative features that enable it to undertake sharpening, re-toothing and chamfering of saw blades. The PowerStar 850 is a flexible, CNC controlled high-tech grinding machine that provides semi-automatic chamfering of the saw blade, an adjustable chamfer angle and it has an attachment for cutting-in chipbreaker grooves.

This powerful and economical machine is perfect for any small to medium-sized business involved in the grinding of metal cutting saw blades as it can process blades from 130 to 850mm with a blade thickness up to 8mm. Capable of processing saw blades with anything from 2 to 998 teeth, the Vollmer Loroch Powerstar 850 incorporates a 19inch touch screen CNC control unit that enables blades to be programmed in minutes with data inputted directly at the machine via the colour display that is comparable to a Smartphone configuration.

Perfect for processing HSS saws, solid carbide saws and friction saw blades, the Loroch Powerstar has a powerful direct-drive grinding wheel configuration that reduces power loss and eliminates undesired vibration that can impact blade quality. Capable of both manual and automatic processing, the machine demonstrates the flexibility that is second-to-none with just one clamping flange required for blades from 130 to 850mm diameter.