Tornos offers machining centres

Machining centres are now available from Tornos, following the integration of Almac.

The launch of the Almac CU1005 5-axis machining centre offers a rigid and stable machining centre that performs high precision operations on simple to complex workpieces. This stability is created by a mechanically welded base that sits on a load bearing cast iron frame that has significant mass as well as the ability to guarantee excellent surface finishes and accuracy. The X and Y slides of the Almac CU 1005 are mounted on pre-stressed rails and ballscrews, with the vertical axis formed from a solid cast iron V-guide. With table movements performed by brushless AC motors with a digital closed-loop control, the CU 1005 can be equipped with 3, 4 or 5 axes, a 180° rotating transfer table and either high speed spindles or a multi-spindle block for high production environments. The machine has a feed rate of 5 m/min in X, Y and Z axes over a working envelope of 220, 120 and 230 mm, respectively. Positional accuracy and deviation are 0.001 mm. The machine is an ISO25 spindle taper unit that has a 1,000 to 12,000 rpm speed range with a clamping diameter from 1 to 16 mm. However, an optional 30,000 rpm spindle is available with an ISO25 or HSK 32 taper. The new offering has a capacity for 24 tools, with 48 tools as an option - tool change time is 1.2 sec.